Who I Am and Why I’m Here

The Martinez Family

Me, my wife “K”, and our fur baby June!

To be honest with you, fellow blog reader, I don’t entirely know what this blog is about. Like you, I have been reading blogs for a long time and I have seen the select few that have a gripping content with a truly unique way with words. For many years I’ve sat behind the computer and tried to get my own little corner of the WWW. Closest I have come to a serious long-lasting blog was back in my junior year of high school… and it was a required project! So I’d be telling a lie if I knew what this blog is about. However, I can tell you a few truthful facts about myself.

I love writing. The English language to me is truly the best language in existence. The way it can be sculpted into a beautiful cluster of sentences is an art form I desire to master.

I live in season-less Tampa, where the weather is always hot, muggy, and hot. I’ve grown to love hate it.

Currently, I am entering my second semester at Florida Bible College of Tampa, where I am studying Bible Studies with a minor in… not too sure yet. Maybe I’ll write about how I got to FBC of Tampa; it would be worth a read.

I know I am going to Heaven because I believe Jesus Christ took and paid for all my sins on the cross over 2,000 years ago. I hold true to the Bible and the truth of eternal life to all who simply place their trust in Christ.

I have a beautiful and patient wife. We’ve been married for almost 3 years. Married life is good!

We have no children, save a cute, 10 pound fur baby we call June. She is enough for now.

I am the Director of Tampa Youth Ranch at Calvary Community Church, where we passionately teach the Gospel to teens! We then help them to tell there friends about the good news!

I play the guitar and sing… a little bit. I’m working on making this a refined talent some day.

Last thing; why SouthRiverside?

I’m from the South

I love Riverside as a name for my first church… some day!


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