A Certain State of Mind

In response to TheDailyPost  writing prompt this morning… when do you write the best?

There is a time in the day, close to the evening, when I have less stress about my writing expectations. At times I feel like I set the bar so high that I can’t make a reasonable approach to making actual sense. Day time engages too much of my analytical nature! I feel like a computer sometimes; constantly scanning my surroundings, my life, my choices. Evening time would be the best for me to spill out coherent thoughts, but there is one more element to assist achieving a clear state of mind.


I love music, especially Christian music with a good message (hard to find in most cases) and soundtracks too. Music helps me reflect on the day and breaks down the walls built from a day of analyzing. Reflection helps me to see what I am truly thinking. Plus, music prepares the mind to learn and worship. I used to play trumpet in high school and traveled to different honor bands at universities in Florida. I learned quite a bit about how music works. Chord progression, harmonics, building and shaping a musical phrase; beautiful! Music is a language! So powerful; an excellent avenue to communicate emotions that are indescribable with petty words or phrases.

When I want to write I play some music and just listen. I listen for lyrics, for patterns, for key chords or tense moments, especially for suspension and resolution of chord. I become less judgmental on my writing style and it just flows. I’m gone! I can write freely!

I want to share with you the most recent song that helped me through the past couple of posts. You can listen on YouTube here.

Happy blogging and make the most of today! Share the gospel!



8 thoughts on “A Certain State of Mind

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