What Was I Thinking?!


My journey through Bible college and serving the Lord at 23 years old… I think…

I have decided to take the #ZeroToHero Challenge on wordpress.com! Really exciting, especially since it claims to help you understand and build a foundation on blogging. When I elected to start blogging again, it was somewhat of a bitter thought. I remember my last time attempting. A user commented and said I should force myself to write. By doing so I would create a channel in my brain and form a habit. Well I tried, and ended up hating the very thought of logging in to make a draft. So I harbored those feelings for a while and gave it up. I placed my writing dreams on the shelf.

But then 2014 came along. I determined to blog again! Feelings of achievement and hope and dreams and fun and… success. I looked for different sites and they were all too static. Ghost.org was where I started and it was too BLAH! I got emails about a subscription and noticed how it was a new site that has a limited audience, a low monthly fee, a free trial, oh and I would get 30% off if I-


There I was back at square one; BLOGLESS. And angry with another silly #NYE2014 Resolution…

Then I thought; what is truly holding me back? Commitment. I’m about to enter my second semester of college and I don’t know if I will have the time to put into it. I run a youth group, work in my church bookstore, and attend several services a week. Not to mention all the homework, memory verses, and house work I have to do.

But if there a chance for me to help someone else in the world with my testimony… then it would have been worth all the time.

So I’ll pray. I’ll pray this will be used as a light of encouragement, an avenue to share God’s love for my readers (and the world).

Would you come with me on my journey through Bible college and serving the Lord at 23 years old?

Buckle Up!


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