Mr. Roy G. Biv, A Gentlemen… I Suppose.

A clever spin in response to TheDailyPost writing prompt this morning… Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

Roy G. Biv was a gentlemen and a scholar. He always had the utmost care to detail, spotting the faults and weak point’s in objects, exposing the failures of those around him, and making a scene of all the things wrong in this world. Simply put, Mr. Biv had a negative eye for detail, yet still gentlemen, I suppose. Maybe not…

Certain characteristics jumped out when you saw him. Roy never went a day without his bright green bandanna tied snuggly around his forehead. Of course, he had to make sure that the sweat of the morning jog would not defile his tidy red haired beard, which was always trimmed to perfection. He loved his bandanna, always kept it clean. Fellow joggers would wave and greet him with a brief smile. Roy would look, evaluate the person’s condition, and make a decision of response.

So judgmental, Mr. Biv! Tsk Tsk Tsk.

After his morning jog, he would get ready for work. Coffee was his usual kick start, laced with too much sugar and more creamer than your average cow would consider healthy. He took his normal sitting position in front of his giant living room window, reaching ten feet high and six feet wide. Cars would pass by and Roy would peer through his window to the world, bringing his orange coffee mug to his lips and sipping ever so gently. He would begin to assess the condition of his neighborhood. Cookie cutter house designs all with nice bright blue trim and mailboxes. All the grass was treated and trimmed neatly, because presentation was a must! Children were being walked by their parent to the bus stop down the corner, all with cute little backpacks filled with knowledge materials like crayons and paper.

Roy got up and headed out the door. He fiddled with his keys and tried to find the violet one designating the house key. As he locked the door and turned to his car, he was forced to stop. Crossing his driveway was a little boy with his mother. He was headed to school, just like all the other kids, but he was special. His name was Jerry Waterloo and he was born with no legs. Jerry’s condition forced him to be in a wheel chair and need the assistance of his mother to push him where he wanted to go. He was a nine year old freckled boy with a smile that would thaw any cold man’s heart.

But not Mr. Biv’s heart, his heart was rock solid.

He looked at Jerry and immediately began his analysis. He noticed how his shirt was rumpled at the collar and not fully tucked in. He detected his left hand mitten had a hole on the pinky finger. His hair was neatly combed, Roy gave him credit for the style, but it was a tad too long on one side. His backpack was a faded indigo with a little smiley face on each side. While Roy continued to judge poor Jerry with his eye for detail, he didn’t notice Jerry wheeling himself up the driveway.

Jerry continued his self-assisted roll all the way to Mr. Biv’s doorstep, smiling so big you would think it might have a hurt. He looked up at Roy and Roy looked right back; shocked.
“I made this for you Mr. Biv,” said Jerry. “It’s something I wanted to do for you, since you have the nicest grass and all. I really love your grass, Mr. Biv.”
Roy was stunned and didn’t know what to say. There was a brief pause and silence between the two.
“Well, um, thank you, Jerry,” replied Roy.
Jerry gave him a wave and wheeled himself down to the side walk. His mother smiled and they continued down the street to the bus stop.

Roy stood at his doorstep with his brief case in hand and a weird feeling. He looked down at the gift Jerry gave him. It was a yellow card with a crudely drawn smiley face and messy writing that read “Happy New Year Mr. Biv!”
You would think Roy would notice the imperfect circle for the smiling face, or the way the letters progressively slanted down the page, but he didn’t. All he saw was the kind gesture of a little boy who wanted to say something nice. Roy couldn’t help but feel different this morning.
Like a little light had been lit in his cold heart.

Oh, Mr. Biv.


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