Semester Two in Gear!

My friends! Grace be unto you and all of your families! I pray you are all enjoying the new year and making the best of what the Lord has given you. Count those blessings!

Well it certainly has been quite a while since my last post. Quite a bit has taken place! What a joy it is to know I am saved by the grace of a God who loved me so much he would rather DIE then live without me… Florida Bible College of Tampa has been a complete 180 experience in this second semester. I believe I am building good study habits. I have a set schedule for my memory verses and another routine for my readings. With the right amount of focus and balance, I’m able to get everything done!

I know its working, because I have had nothing lower than a B on all my quizzes/tests! However, all the habits I set in place and adjustments I have made pale in the comparison to what God has been doing. I have been plugged into His Word and prayer. What a difference intimate prayer makes! I don’t mean profuse crying or shouting to the Lord. I mean intimate conversations with Him. Several nights I have found myself going through every situation where I need Him. I pour out my needs to Him and I know He hears me. I haven’t seen results immediately, but I have peace!


Unexpected Radio Broadcast on FaithTalk 570 and 910AM!

Today I did an impromptu interview on Bibleline Radio, a ministry of Calvary Community Church. My pastor runs the radio show and I had an opportunity to share my testimony briefly with thousands of people! I shared the broadcast room with some of my dearest friends. It was truly a blessing! I will have a link to the interview shortly. ­čÖé

I really want to share this next story with you. Every Friday Night a few of the teens from my youth group, all the college kids, and a couple of church members go to local malls and events. We have gospel tracts and we go out to seek people. We talk to teens and ask them if they know where they would when they die. So many times we get a weird look, but we press on and ask them if we can explain how they can know how to get to heaven. After they agree, we dive into the gospel with a simple illustration (which I will take a video of an show you soon). Well, tonight was a thin crew. It was just me, Justin, and Tyler. The Lord used us to help 34 teens trust in Christ as thei only hope of heaven! Now works, no life change, no evidences… just simple John 3:16!

I am so elated tonight. Please pray for the ministries here in Tampa! I pray for all my readers! There is so much more I can tell you!

Hope to see you skipping rocks by South Riverside soon!!